The Top 10 Tips for Moving into a Rented Property

Whether in or out, make sure that you are prepared for your new home with these 10 tips for moving. Moving out for the first time When you move out of your parents’ home, keep stress levels down by booking movers early and packing gradually. The steps below are important to keep in mind for … read more

A Tenant’s Guide to Fair Wear & Tear

The ultimate guide to understanding fair wear & tear in a rental property Tenants are expected to return a rented property to its original state when they vacate, but this is not always possible when items in a home naturally degrade over time. These items are not considered to be damaged if they have aged … read more

Tenants Running a Business From Home

Running a business from home vs working from home, and how it relates to your rental agreement. The start of the pandemic in 2019 saw many people being forced to work from home, and two years on many people are still working remotely as companies have found the dynamic to be resource-efficient and convenient. However … read more

The Ultimate Guide for First Time Renters

Moving out of the family home is an incredibly exciting prospect, but many first time renters let enthusiasm cloud their vision. This milestone requires planning, budgeting, and careful consideration before making a commitment by signing a lease.

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The New Property Practitioners Act and Disclosure of Defects

With effect from 1st of February 2022, in accordance with the Property Practitioners Act it is law for Landlords to provide Tenants with a Mandatory Disclosure Form. This is the landlord’s statement about their property, which all landlords are required to complete and submit to their agencies prior to the signing of a Mandate and certainly before any marketing of the property.

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Tips to Avoid Property Rental Scams

Property rental scams are on the rise and tenants and private landlords are potentially more at risk of being scammed. But there are some useful tips and “Red flags” to watch out for.

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Property Rentals in the Covid Lockdown

Our Covid Diary 27 January 2021 (10 months into a rental market during Covid) 10 months during which reality seemed to change at breathtaking speed, nothing predictable, and adapability the order of every day.  We’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to do our best in this new and constantly varied rental and life reality. … read more

Relocation to Cape Town Not Slowing Down

The number of enquiries from prospective tenants relocating and needing property to rent in Cape Town has definitely not slowed down – the migration South appears to be constant and steady as we receive a number of ‘relocation to Cape Town’ rental enquiries daily from people within SA and abroad.

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Claiming Damages from Tenants

Ensure your documentation is watertight if you need to claim damages from the tenant before refunding their deposit. This all begins before the tenancy starts. read more

Capital Gains Tax on Investment Property

We're often asked to break down the effects of Capital Gains Tax on the sale of investment property. There are quite significant exemptions and deduction allowances to reduce Capital Gains Tax liability. read more