Property Letting & Management

Qualified and experienced in our field, we are a dynamic property rental agency with a firm focus on delivering personal, responsive, hands-on service at competitive fees. Concentrating on Southern Suburbs and Constantiaberg, our clients are assured of continuity and expertise in our partnership with them.

The Principal, Annie McLelland, is a qualified real estate professional who has worked for two of the largest corporate agencies for 15 years specialising in residential property in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town.

Our focus at LettingWorx is on servicing the unique needs of our clients and minimising risk for Landlords, ensuring through detailed, thorough credit and reference checks that high caliber tenants are placed. Swift action and collection of any late payments, and prompt attendance to maintenance issues are our priority.

Annie McLelland – Owner/Principal, LettingWorx

A brief personal bio on the love of all things property: 

The property bug bit at an early age – my nomadic Norwegian father was passionate about buying, building, and selling property, so he made it his hobby and satisfied his need to be on the move at the same time.

Rentals and property management is a high-maintenance service industry and as can be seen from the service levels out there, doesn’t suit everyone.

With an inborn love of property, every aspect of this industry ticks all the boxes – buying, selling, letting, renovating, fixing, maintenance, decorating, gardening…

The excitement of viewing a new property to market, no matter where or what – from a Loft to a Mansion, gets me every time, and…

  • Matching the right tenant to that property makes my day. 
  • Genuine interaction with people on a service level is so satisfying; to confidently share hard-earned expertise to help clients make informed decisions. 
  • With a good few property renovations under my belt, and building a cottage in Riebeek Kasteel (a daunting and amazing experience), 
  • as well as a love of revamping old furniture and decorating, and a garage that looks like a mini Builders Warehouse, it’s fair to say that projects and management are a passion. 
  • I am an absolute believer in prompt attendance to maintenance, and we have built a good support team of contractors. 
  • Marketing – my hobby – a weekend designing a new flyer, learning more about internet marketing and SEO. 
  • I love keeping fit with either a good early walk or an hour of gym in the morning in order to give it all my best. 

And there’s no doubt that in staying true to your values, you do better work when you believe in what you do. 

Up to date with the latest professional property qualifications and current legislation, we have the necessary credentials, skills and experience to facilitate a smooth rental process and handle all aspects of property and tenancy management, giving peace of mind to busy landlords and tenants.

“We love what we do and never forget that our success and growth depend on your choice.”

Annie McLelland

Terence Smith – Rental Agent

I have a passion for people and property. Having spent 12 years in property finance, 2 years in sales and the past few years in rentals, I have a broad view of the property industry. I enjoy interacting with people in everyday life, and forging friendships and business relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime. 

My love for property started when my father refurbished our house at a young age, and it stuck with me. I have always enjoyed seeing the hidden potential in properties.

My experience has provided me with a broad overview of all things property and has also given me the tools to excel in my other passion, which is customer service. I thoroughly enjoy client interaction and providing the best experience possible.

I always try and have a personal touch with clients (landlords and tenants) to make them feel like they are part of the family. 

One of the major drawcards of joining LettingWorx was the team spirit and shared values. We all share the same sentiment when it comes to delivering excellent service. I love matching new tenants to properties. If you are not overwhelmed with this feeling on a daily basis, then you are in the wrong industry.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Terence Smith

Julia Kay – Candidate Property Practitioner

Unlike most people who caught the property bug at an early age, my passion was not borne of a personal home renovation. My family and I were renters for most of my life, and I have learned how to make what could be seen as a temporary living situation into a real home.

I see home as a gathering place for family and friends, where memories are created and cherished.

I would hesitantly admit that my love for interior design was born through The Sims. I’ve spent countless hours designing homes and decorating them, creating narratives for the families who live there. Your unique story influences the home you choose, and I have come to understand the negotiation between making a house a home, and finding the right space to fill your personality with. 

I have been a renter very recently, but am also a new property owner, so I empathise with both parties that I serve.

I went into property because it meets so many of my interests and skills. I knew that I wanted to help people, be creative, solve problems, and allow my nerdy self to organize the heck out of a system. During my time working as a personal assistant I was able to manage contractors, schedule home cleaning, liaise with landscapers, and perform minor fixes myself. Meeting Annie and learning about LettingWorx connected all the dots for me, and I am so excited and privileged to be under her and Terence’s tutelage.

My academic background is in English Literature, and I worked as a copywriter for three years. In my time at UCT I co-founded the first South African chapter of Her Campus Media, a women-run online publication for students. I also wrote for various websites as a freelancer.

“It’s easy to find a house. One of the easiest things in the world. But finding a home is a journey.”

Julia Kay

The Duke & Duchess

These are our resident cuteness officers, boosting morale and brightening our days. Please forward any complaints to them.