If you prefer to owner-manage your property, give us a call and we’ll help you secure a quality tenant. As a landlord you are about to become the biggest creditor of a complete stranger. Please don’t implement the application process lightly.

Our focus is risk management for our landlords – with excellent tools and the experience and expertise we will conduct a stringent application process, as well as advertise the property for you. At a very attractive rate we will:

  • Advertise your property on LettingWorx, Property24 and other major portals ensuring maximum exposure. We will then forward prospective candidates details to you to book viewings.
  • Thoroughly evaluate each tenant application which must include previous landlord information, current employment reference, proof of income, bank statements, personal and professional references, and authority to run credit checks. We will obtain references, verify employment and income, and interview the applicant asking pertinent questions to ascertain the suitability and credibility of the potential tenant.
  • Conduct in-depth credit & affordability checks on suitable applicant (we can also ascertain how much a tenant is currently indebted for, if any accounts are in arrears and by how much, and their required monthly repayments),
  • Draw up and obtain signed lease, which is compliant with all current legislation (note: any lease not compliant with the Consumer Protection Act and/or Rental Housing Act can be invalidated).
  • Collect deposit and first month’s rent and pay over to you (NB the deposit is required to be in individual interest bearing a/c, not in your own account).
  • Conduct a detailed documented ingoing inspection report, with supporting photographs, recording the condition of the property. This is signed by the tenant and forwarded to both parties. You will then use this as a comparison when you conduct the outgoing handover.
  • And we don’t cut you loose as soon as the first month’s rent is paid! We are available for advice all year long.

Contact us on email: rentals@lettingworx.co.za or 021-762 4809 / 083 324 7401

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