A: The right of the tenant to give 20 business days notice applies only to fixed-term agreements. If for instance, after the initial 12-month lease the tenant doesn't want to be bound by another 12 month lease, maybe they're wanting to buy a property or relocate, and the parties agree to continue the lease rolling over on a two-monthly basis for a further year (either party with then the right to give two months notice at any time), the CPA should not apply as it is not a fixed term.  Therefore the tenant would be bound by the agreement to provide two months notice. Important note for landlords - if you do draw up a renewal lease as above on a rolling monthly or two-monthly basis and you will be looking for a new tenant on termination of that current lease, remember to insert 'Calendar' month to avoid the notice being given by the tenant at any time of the month, as most new tenancies would start on the 1st of a month.