Rosebank rental agents

Our Rosebank rental agents believe it is the perfect meeting of trendy and homely rentals. Flanked by popular restaurants, Stark Ayres Nursery and the Liesbeek River, this area has a bit of everything. It wonderfully combines character homes with newer flats ideal for students to rent.

Liesbeek Parkway grants easy access to Rondebosch (particularly the Common), Claremont, Gardens and Mowbray, making it convenient for the daily commute. The area is populated with both apartment blocks and homes to rent.

Rosebank rental homes can go for upwards of R12,000 per month, while an apartment’s rental sits comfortably between R8,500 and R13,000 per month.

Rosebank FAQs:

Are there any cheap apartments to rent in Rosebank?

“Cheap” is a very subjective description, but we would say that there are certainly affordable apartments available.

Is it a convenient area to live in?

Definitely. Rosebank nestles between Mowbray and Rondebosch, giving residents access to the restaurants and attractions from those areas. Liesbeek Parkway runs through the area, allowing commuters easy access to Town.