Newlands rental agents

Newlands rentals are ideally located in a leafy suburb with a wealth of access to nature, from Newlands Forest to Kirstenbosch Gardens. Our Newlands rental agents believe that its proximity to Claremont and Rondebosch makes it the perfect area in which to rent for families who want the convenience of city living with the safety of the suburbs.

Homes here tend to be older, with high ceilings and spacious rooms. Newlands apartment rentals generally start at R15,000 per month, with larger homes nearing R40,000 per month.

Top schools such as Westerford, SACS, Rustenburg Girls and Rondebosch Boys are under ten minutes away, and the popular Cavendish Square is around the corner.

Ideal for families to rent, the area is safe, spacious, and scenic.

Newlands FAQs:

Is this a popular area to live in?

This suburb is incredibly popular with families and older residents looking for a quiet environment.

What can you do in the area?

Newlands is ideal for those who love nature. It is close to several parks and playgrounds, and is a stone’s throw away from both Newlands Forest and Kirstenbosch Gardens.

Are there many houses to rent?

The area has far more houses to rent than apartments. Have a look at our rentals page to get an overview of homes in the area.