Bishopscourt rental agents

Bishopscourt is a secluded, secure suburb flanked by Newlands. Our Bishopscourt rental agents believe it is ideal for those looking for rentals in a quiet but convenient location. The area is home to more affluent residents and, as such, many of the homes to rent here are well-maintained and luxurious.

Schools and shops are still easily accessible, with Edinburgh Drive connecting the area to Rondebosch. Within reach are landmarks such as Kirstenbosch Gardens and Newlands Forest. The streets are safe enough to enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, cycling or running.

Being an upmarket and secluded area, this leafy suburb is home to a number of embassies and luxury properties. The Bishopscourt rental agents at LettingWorx recommend this area for families.

Bishopscourt FAQs:

Is Bishopscourt safe?

It is an incredibly safe area, with many guardhouses on street corners and a geographical seclusion that ensures lower foot traffic.

Are there any places of interest in the area?

There is an enchanting “Fairy Garden” in the area near Paradise Road, as well as close proximity to Kirstenbosch Gardens and Newlands Forest.

Can I find a cottage to rent?

While it is more common to find larger homes, there are a few cottages to rent. Visit our rentals page to see if we have any available.