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on Monday, 17 June 2013. Posted in LettingWorx Property Rentals


The number of enquiries from prospective tenants relocating and needing property to rent in Cape Town has definitely not slowed down this year – the migration South appears to be constant and steady as we receive a number of ‘relocation to Cape Town’ rental enquiries daily from people within SA and abroad.

Usually every year from approximately October we expect and receive a very high number of enquiries from relocating families and single/couple professionals looking for property to rent in Cape Town - this usually continues through to Feb and then slows down significantly. But not this year! The enquiries and influx of people migrating to Cape Town seems to be pretty constant – every day enquiries come in starting with “I’m relocating to Cape Town”.

In our experience this is making quite an impact on locals looking to rent in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town as competition is high – especially for family homes in Southern Suburbs, with rentals in Newlands, Rondebosch, Claremont, and Constantia in high demand.

Demand for rentals in these areas increases due to relocation tenants and locals needing the proximity of these suburbs to the finest schools for their children, and for work easy access to the Claremont Business District where corporations, and businesses large and small are being accommodated in sophisticated new commercial developments.

And as mentioned in our article on renting in Claremont, the recent and ongoing development of Claremont with its vibrant business district now home to many corporate businesses, and safe and upmarket shopping, alongside it’s ever-popular residential area, will surely see an increase in buy-to-let investors in Claremont and its neighbouring suburbs of Newlands and Rondebosch, and also Harfield Village & Kenilworth, as demand for rentals in these areas increases even more.

On the subject of buy-to-let - buy-to-let for student accommodation should also be quite prevalent in these areas due to increased demand from student rental enquiries for the new residential developments with them being so close to the Jamie Shuttle route and offering peace of mind to parents looking for the security offered by these developments.

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